Teedee Access Teedee 2010
Description & Conventions Used


In this tutorial we will create tables, forms and reports using Access 2003. By the end of the tute we will have a simple functioning invoicing system consisting of a Main Form for user control, a Customer maintenance form, the Invoices form and a report enabling the printing of the invoices and customer list. Tables will be created for Customers, Invoices, Invoice Items and invoice status. We also require a static Main form, a simple form for Customers and a Form- SubForm for invoices. Two reports will be created, one to list customers, the other to print the invoices


Access, unlike other databases, is very forgiving. You can use reserved words such as Table, Group, Form etc. You can also use space in the name of a field eg Invoice Number. This does, however, lead to minor complications as you must then enclose any name containing spaces with square brackets eg [Invoice Status].

Naming Conventions Used in Project

Table names are prefixed with tbl followed by the name you require eg tblCustomers. Forms are prefixed with frm eg frmInvoices and reports with rpt. If there are multiple words use an uppercase letter at the start of each word eg tblInvoiceItems. Do not use spaces. Some people use the underscore to separate words eg Invoice_Number. Generally the plural is used for the names of tables as a table is a collection of data. Field names are usually singular, generally without prefix eg CompanyName
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