Teedee Access Teedee 2010
Customer Form

Create the Form

We are now ready to start creating the forms for data viewing & entry. We will create a simple form to view & maintain our customers. It is a simple form based on one table. From the Database window select Forms. This panel should be empty as we have not yet created any forms. At the top of the database window click New Select Form wizard. The wizard will take you through the steps for creating your Customers form. In the drop down list labelled Choose Table.. box select tblCustomers and click OK You are now asked which fields you require for your Customer form. Select All by clicking the button with the double right pointing arrows. Click Next Your choices now are for which type of form you require. For this form we require columnar; ensure Columnar is selected and click Next Choose the Style of form required. The default Standard is fine. Click Next Give your new form a name: frmCustomers (we will stick to the naming convention) and click Finish

Modify The Form

 Your new form is now ready to enter data. As we have not entered any data at this stage the form will be empty but, before we use it we will clean it up a little. As the form is open we can enter Design Mode: Right click the Title bar (blue bar at the top of the form) and select Form Design Double click the Title Bar to maximise the form so we can see all the parts Double click the CustomerID label (There are two CustomerIDs, the left one is the label, the right is the text box). This displays the Properties. Click the Format tab. Click Caption (the actual word Caption) and put a space between Customer and ID Click the CompanyName label and in the Caption Property insert a space between the words Insert spaces into the other labels where there are two joined words DO NOT CHANGE THE ENTRIES IN THE TEXT BOXES There are three sections: Form Header, Detail and Form Footer. Click in the grey area of the Details section. This selects the form itself Change the Caption (the Caption is the Title on the Title bar of the form) from frmCustomers to Customers Close and save the form We are now ready to use the form for viewing and entering data.
HINT: To display the Properties box type ALT ENTER

Customer Table

Autonumber Fields Are System Controlled

The Customer ID text box contains Autonumber which is selected. You may remember we cannot enter or change Autonumbers so press TAB to move to the Company Name field

Record Selector

Before you enter the Company Name notice that the record Selector (the grey bar down the left of the form) contains a right pointing arrow. When you start typing This will change to a pencil The Autonumber will change to 1 The Navigation buttons will change

TAB Key moves cursor to next field

Enter the Company Name and then press TAB to move to the Billing Address text box (Pressing ENTER moves you to the next line)

ENTER Key moves cursor to next row

In the Billing Address text box enter all lines of the Address. Pressing ENTER moves you to the next line. Type TAB to move to the Contact text box When you have finished entering all the details for this company you can either Move to the Next record (Prepare to create another record) Create a New record by clicking the New Record button (>*) Close the form Click the Record Selector (grey bar down left of the form)
HINT: TAB moves the cursor to the next field. In a multi-line text box ENTER moves you to the next line (paragraph).
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