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Edit Report Layout - Part 2

Modifying Reports - Add Logo

Inserting a logo requires some skills not covered here. We require a logo as a JPG, BMP file aleady sized. While the image control we will use does resize for you do not use resizing within the control. The result is VERY ORDINARY. It may look ok on the screen but we will be printing this logo. Click the Image control button on the Toolbox (see opposite>) Draw roughly the area of the logo in the Page Header section. When you release the mouse button the file dialog is displayed. Select the logo file With the image control still selected open the Properties if it is not currently displayed by typing ALT ENTER Under the Format tab ensure that Picture Type: Embedded, Size Mode: Clip and Picture Align: Top Left. Repeat, do not use the resize options. Using the bottom right handle of th image control drag until the complete logo is displayed.

Editing Graphics

Editing graphics, such as your logo, is outside the scope of this tutorial. To edit graphics suitable graphics software is required. Use graphics editing program to re-scale the logo. Suitable packages include Photoshop (Very expensive, lot of learning) Paint Shop Pro (Expensive, lot of learning) Magix Extreme Photo & Graphics Designer (Cheap, easy, quick) Xara Webstyle (Cheap, easy, quick)


Remove page Header

We could also have removed the Report Header and the Report Footer, neither of which is needed: From the View menu select Report Header or Report Footer.You will be asked to confirm deletion of all items in these areas. Confirm the deletion.
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