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Edit Report Layout - Part 3

Modifying Reports - Invoice Header

In this session we will format the InvoiceNumber Header which will contain our Invoice details and Totals. The Header section will contain the Invoice details for each invoice. In the next session we will use the Footer section to display the Summary information: Sub Total, Total GST and Invoice Total. The current layout, as it came out of the Report Wizard contains all the required data but the layout is not what we require for an Invoice. This is the area that Access Reports are absolutely brilliant.
We Have This
You will notice that the Text boxes contain the Field Names.  Do not change the Field Names. You will also notice that some Field Names are not fully displayed, that is OK. The Text Box only has to be wide enough to display the data in the field.

Header Details

Select all objects in the InvoiceNumber Header except the column headings (Date, ItemID, etc) and the lines enclosing these headings. Grab them and drag them to the right out of the way. We will bring back what we want. The page will resize to accomodate this but we will re-establish the page width later. Drag the BillTo label & control back to the top left but with space above it. On the label there is one handle larger than the others (top left). Click & drag it so that the label is positioned above the BillTo leaving room for the Attention label. Select both the label and the text box and align the left (Format > Align > Left) Drag the Contact box and its label into the space between the BillTo label and its field. Change the Contact's label caption to Attention. (Click the label, in properties under Format click Caption and enter Attention). Resize both the label and the text box.


Adjust Columns of the Items

When moving or resizing the labels and text boxes of the Items it is more convenient to work with BOTH the label & the text box simultaneously so that they remain level and the same size. We will start off by moving the whole lot over to the left. Select all text boxes in the Details Section, the lines above and below the column headings (in the InvoiceNumber Header) and the labels. To do this: Move the mouse pointer into the centre of the ruler in the Details section. Click and drag the mouse pointer upwards in the ruler until the horizontal line it makes has moved over all the required objects. It is a bit touchy not including the Terms and other controls level with Terms but quite do-able. Use your left arrow key to move the columns back level with the left boundary. Select each of the ItemID and InvoiceNumber label & text box and delete them. Select the ItemDate label & text box and make them slightly wider so that the date is fully visible. Change the Caption of the ItemDate label to Date and centre it Expand the Description label and text box to fill the space left by the ItemID and InvNumber Adjust the other columns To adjust the lines above and below the column headings select the lines. To do this, move the mouse pointer into a clear area above a column heading (label). Drag the mouse down through the lines but keeping as narrow as possible as we do not want to select more labels than necessary. Keep it to one if you can. All lines will be selected but so will the label you passed over. Hold down the SHIFT key and click the unwanted label. This deselects it. Align the lines left. Format > Align > Left Size the lines. Format > Size > To Widest Resize them using CTRL SHIFT Right Arrow. (You can use SHIFT Right Arrow for gross sizing and add the CTRL key to finish the small adjustments).
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