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Edit Report Layout - Part 4

Modifying Reports - Invoice Footer (Summary)

In this session we will work with the InvoiceNumber Footer where Access has placed our summary. Access also puts in some extraneous information as well which we will remove, and we will re-arrange the display. During the wizard we asked for a summary of SubTot, GST and LineTot. Access does the sums for us. Look BUT, do not touch, at the Text Boxes and the Field Names in those Text Boxes. They are actually Functions. For example =Sum([LineTot]) The = tells Access that this will be a calculated field. Sum is a Reserved word, it is a word that Access knows means Get The Sum/Total) Access is being asked to get a Sum so it needs to know what Field needs to be Summed. What has to be Summed is enclosed in brackets () The Field Name is enclosed in square brackets to indicate to Access that it is a Field. (Access can actually calculate quite complex sums)

Rearrange the Footer

Before we start read Notes Building Expressions As you can see we need to remove the Summary for.... Click this and delete it. Remove the Sum label (bolded and at extreme left of the footer) Move the text boxes one-under-the-other, Sub Tot on top and Sum(LineTot) at the bottom Create three labels for Sub Total, GST and Invoice Total Size and align the controls Add lines above and below the Invoice Total. (See hints below) Align the lines with the right side of the Invoice Total text box


Building Expressions

Access allows you to build quite complex expressions as you can see in An Access Expression (above).

Drawing Lines

When drawing lines hold down the SHIFT key to keep them straight. Draw only one line, set its width then copy and paste to get the others.

Crooked Lines or Lines at an Angle

If you get a line crooked (it looks as though it has small bumps every so often) select it and in the Properties set its height to 0.
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This is what we want
="Summary for " & "'tblInvoices_InvoiceNumber' = " & " " & [tblInvoices_InvoiceNumber] & " (" & Count(*) & " " & IIf(Count(*)=1,"detail record","detail records") & ")"
An Access Expression
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