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Print Invoice


To print our invoices we will create a report based on two tables, tblInvoices & tblInvoicesItems. We will use a wizard similar to our previous report rptCustomers but with a few extra steps for the handling of the second table (our Invoice Items). In the next session we will spend time changing the layout extensively. From the Database Window select Reports At the top of the Database Window click New In the top list in the New Report dialog select Report Wizard and in the table drop- down list select tblCustomers. Click Next From the Available Fields select ALL by clicking the double right-pointing arrow. Then click Next

Select Fields from Multiple Tables

Here we change what we did in the Customer report as we also need to add the Invoice Items from the table tblInvoicesItems In the Table/Queries drop-down list select tblInvoicesItems From the Available Fields select ALL by clicking the double right-pointing arrow. In the Table/Queries drop-down list select tblCustomers. From Available Fields select BillingAddress. Click the single button with the right-pointing arrow to transfer the field onto the end of the list. Also add the field Contact Then click Next Select By tblInvoices. When you select this option the preview shows you the Invoice details at top with the Items below which is just what we require. Click Next We do not require Grouping so click Next In Sort Order notice that the sorting is on the Detail Records. These are the Invoice Items so select ItemDate in the first drop-down list. Click Summary Options In the Summary Options dialog (see opposite) ensure that the Sum is checked for SubTot, GST and LineTot. Click OK to return to the wizard. The Layout does not matter much as we will be extensively modifying the layout. Personal preference is for Align Left 1 (see notes opposite) but choose what suits you. Portrait is correct so do not change that. Click Next Corporate style is ok so click Next The report is opened in Preview mode. We will extensively modify the report in the next session. You can see below that, while the information we require is there, the modification is needed.


Using Multiple Tables in a Report

If you use the Wizard to create a report you must have defined the Relationships between the tables before trying to use the in the Report. Access will have a ‘dummy spit’ if the tables are not linked.

Report Wizard

When preparing reports the wizards are an excellent start. The real work starts then but Access reporting is a great medium for producing quite complex reports.

Align Left 1

As a personal preference Align Left 1 is generally the best starting point for Layouts. After modifying a few reports you may settle on another Style.
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