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The Controls

Android devices most commonly have three controls HOME (the main button), MENU and BACK. The HOME button is sometimes a hardware button but often all three buttons are software, that is, they are part of the display and rotate with the display. Naturally, a hardware button (a physical button) does not rotate with the display.
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HOME Button

When you have one or more apps open tapping the HOME key takes you back to the last visited main screen. Tapping HOME while one of the main screens is displayed will take you back to the central main screen or Home screen.NOTE: There are generally three or five main screens. In the diagram opposite this phone has three main screens, shown as three dots, one a house. You can swipe the display left or right to show another screen. The active screen is highlighted.

BACK Button

Tapping the BACK button takes you back to the previous display. If you have your browser open and move to another page in the browser, tapping the BACK button will take you back to the previous page

MENU Button

This button has no universal function. Different manufacturers and software (app) developers employ this button in varying ways. On my Sony phone tapping this button will display a list of current tasks on other devices it may do nothing.

Tasks List

If you have two or more apps open simultaneously you can view a list of the open apps and optionally switch to another app. The typical scenario is: You are on the phone and want to look up someones phone number or address. Viewing the Task List varies but there are two main options Press and hold down the HOME button (common on Samsung) Tap the MENU button (works on my Sony phone) When the list is displayed tap the app you want to switch to
Tasks List
Tasks List