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Organising Your Screens

The diagram at left shows a fairly common initial display. The diagram at right is how I’ve chosen to set up my home page. One significant difference is the use of folders or groups (Family, Friends, Tradies and Apps). Note also the use of a photo(s) on the icons for Meg Dillon, Family and Friends. There are also individual icons on the folder Apps.
Organising Your Screens
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

Removing An Icon

When you first receive the phone there are icons you will not use. Press and hold the icon to be removed. A bin or a Cross will be displayed, sometimes at the top of the screen. Drag the unwanted icon onto the bin or cross. NOTE: This removes the icon only. It does not remove the underlying address or phone number or, in the case of an app, the app is NOT uninstalled.

Adding An Icon from the Apps

Tap the Apps icon. This is an icon of three rows of three dots. Locate the icon of the app required Press and hold the icon If a bar containing Place on HOME Screen is displayed drag the icon onto that bar OTHERWISE drag the icon to the required screen Unfortunately this varies enormously between not only devices but also apps.

Move An Icon

Press and hold the icon to be moved Drag it to an empty spot.


Always leave at least one clear space for an icon on any screen

Grouping Icons

Press and hold the icon to be moved Drag it onto another icon or group. If you drag an icon onto another icon a group will be formed. If you drag it onto a group the dragged icon will be added to the group.
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