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Power Button

The location of the power button varies between manufactuers and may even vary between models of the same manufacturer.
Power Button
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

Phone States

Your phone or tablet has three states: On - available for normal use. However, if you do not use your device for the prescribed amount of time it will go to sleep. Sleep mode - in this state MOST functions are suspended and the device suspends functions that use power including the screen display. A minimum amount of power is consumed, just enough to maintain memory. Apps which have been running are suspended, not closed. Power Off - All functions are ceased and all apps are closed.

Power On

From Sleep:  Press the Power button for a short time (tap it). The display will illuminate and the phone display will be the same as when you put it to sleep. After Power Off Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, generally about five seconds. Depending on your settings and your make of your device, it may vibrate briefly. The BOOT procedure will begin. It may take some time before anything is displayed on the screen. Often the brand of the device is displayed first.

Power Off

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. A dialog is displayed asking for confirmation. NOTE: Depending on the manufacturer other options may also be displayed Confirm that you do want to power off.

Other Functions of Power Button

End Call

For Android phones you can, depending on your settings, use the power button to end a call. The mobile networks will normally end a call when either party hangs up. Normally to end a call you tap the End Call button. However, if your phone has gone to sleep this is not available. Setting Power Off Button to End Call Go to Settings Go to Accessability Ensure checkbox Power Button ends call is checked

Screen Capture

Some devices have an additional option in the Power Button option screen for capturing the screen. Tapping this option closes the option and an image of the previous screen is captured. (The images for screen shots on this document were captured this way).