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The first generation phones made & received calls, sent messages and were the size of a brick. The Dick Tracey wrist phone is now a reality and wearable devices are now with us and smart devices are into their second generation. We can control our TV with our phone or tablet. Devices are able to communicate by WIFI , NFC (Near Field Communication), and Bluetooth.
At its simplest Smart means connected to the internet. Many devices now connect to the internet including Phones Tablets Watches Radios TVs Refrigerators Bluetooth Bluetooth is now in version 4 and there is an updated V4  which is ready for wearable devices such as Heart Rate Monitors, pedometers... It’s all about connectivity. Some devices have their own internal connection while others rely on an external device for connection. Phones and modems are the most commonly used devices for connection. WIFI Wifi has come a long way. It is now in version 802.11ac. This version (ac) introduced Beamforming where, on connection the beam is directed specifically to the connected device.  NFC (Near Field Communication) Near Field Communication utilizes electromagnetic radio fields while t Bluetooth and Wi- Fi use radio transmissions instead.
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Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

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These notes have been prepared for use with our local branch of U3A and are designed to progress

new users in both the awareness and use of new devices, especially smart phones, tablets and

TVs. Currently (10 March 2016) this web is in development.

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U3A Benalla

U3A Benalla will be holding a session for Tech Savvy Seniors at their campus on Wed 13 at 10am

which will cover topics from these pages.