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Internet Banking

On opening an account at a bank you can optionally be registered for internet access. Having an account does not automatically mean you have internet access to your account. When you register you will receive an ID or Registration Number. You will also receive a password. Some banks employ additional security; Bendigo, for example, gives you the option of a code generator for an Authentication Key. Some will SMS (text) you a code to your mobile phone during logon. WHen you enter the code logon is completed.
Bendigo Bank NAB Bank ANZ Bank

Account Areas

After logging on you usually see your 1. account balances 1. 2. Payments 2, 3. Transfers 3, Emails and 4. Customer Services 4

Mobile Display

The server will usually recognise whether you are using a desktop computer (larger screen) or mobile device (small screen). Compare the two logon screens for Bendigo (top - desktop and bottom - mobile). Mobile displays are normally (not always) similar to desktop but arranged in a single column vertically. Mobile menus are usuall a set of parallel lines
Bendigo Mobile Logon
Internet Banking
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