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Using Chrome Browser (for a phone)

The Chrome Browser is sensitive to the device on which it is being used. The diagrams at right show Chrome Browser being used on a phone. 1. This is the browser HOME. It can be set to any URL (address) you require but it is very often set the the search option. 2. URL or Address bar. Tap in this box to display the typing pad and enter an address. 3. Google Apps. Tap this icon to display a partial set of Google Apps including a MORE option. 4. Available TABs. If you have more than one TAB open the number of open TABs is displayed in the square. o This diagram is showing 3 available TABs. o Tapping this icon spreads the TABs like a card pack as shown in the second diagram. o Tapping a TAB in the deck opens that TAB. o Tapping the cross at top right of the TAB closes that TAB. o Tapping the large + at the top left opens a new TAB. 5. Settings. Tapping this icon displays a menu including a Settings option, New Tab, Bookmarks... 6. Search Bar. Enter text you want to use for your Search. If Voice is installed a microphone will be displayed in the search bar. Voice Search may be activated either by tapping the microphone or saying OK Google.
Using Chrome Browser
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Useful Gestures

1 Finger drag down from URL Refresh. 2 finger drag down from URL From the top of the screen Drag down with one finger to open Notifications 1 finger double tap Zoom In Open Google Now From the HOME button drag upwards to open Google Chrome. Chrome TAB Switch With Google Chrome open, two finger drag down from the Address bar. Previously open pages are displayed as a card pack. Drag the cards down until the required TAB is showing and either touch the card to open the page or touch the cross on the card to close the TAB
Chrome Browser showing TABS on phone
1 2 3 4 6 Chrome Browser on Phone 5
The Desktop version of Chrome Browser can optionally display active Extension shortcuts. In order, left to right, the displayed Extensions are: 1. Cast 2. Calendar notifications (there are two available. Click to list) 3. Dashlane. (Showing disabled as not logged in). 4. Office Online. This is Microsoft Office. 5. Easy Voice Search. Click to search using spoken words. 6. Dropbox (for gMail) 7. Google Docs offline 8. Menu
Chrome Browser (Desktop Version) Extensions