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Files & Folders

Files are arranged in Folders (sometimes called Directories). Some devices have an included “file manager” otherwise you will need to install an app. There are quite a few folders pre-installed and you can add and remove extra folders. You should be careful of modifying system folders such as Android.

Folders Important to You

Android System related files. Keep out of here DCIM Photos taken by internal camera Download Files downloaded Movies Movies Music Music and playlists Apps like G Cloud (a cloud backup app) often will create their own folder. Many pre-installed folders have enigmatic names which belie their intention. If you are not sure what it is google it. For example, in the diagram at right is a folder klog. Mr Google tells me it is a Knowledge Blog. Click a folder to view its contents. The DCIM folder will contain photos you have taken. These files will usually have an extension (the letters after the last dot) of JPG. The extension is used by the operating system to identify which app is used to view the file.
Files and Folders
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others
NOTE:  Screen shots are taken from an app Solid Explorer. This is the equivalent of File Explorer or File Manager
klog Short for knowledge blog, klog is a type of blog usually used as an internal / Intranet blog that is not accessible to the general public and that serves as a knowledge management system. The term klog is also being used to describe a blog that is technical content oriented Menu Breadcrumbs New Folder Folder Options JPG = photo MP4 = movie