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Many people are now using their phones and tablets, instead of their cameras, to take photos. This page will address issues arising from using these devices for photography. We will have a separate area devoted to camera use.
Add Additional Lens to your phone/tablet SEE MORE... Lens Kit for Phone at Kogan Camera Screen
Bracketting Bracket Exposure means taking multiple photos with varying exposures. Typically used in awkward lighting situations. The samples below are taken at -4 stops, -2 stops, +2 stops and +4 stops.  
-4 -2 +2 +4 More...

Taking A Photo

There are actually two cameras, one for use when taking photos normally and a second for taking selfies. Tapping the Selfie icon switches between the cameras. Tap the camera icon to open the camera. Select Photo or Video Select Selfie or Normal Frame your photo Click the button to take the photo. The photo will be stored in the DCIM folder. (See Here)

Viewing Your Photo

There is a Preview button on the camera screen (bottom left in diagram above). Tap it. Your most recent photo is displayed. Tapping the photo will display a ribbon of all photos. This may be scrolled right/left. Tapping a photo on the ribbon will display that photo large size. NOTE: The photo displayed in the diagram at right is a panorama. Note the icon at the bottom left of the photo’s tile on the ribbon. Video tiles will display a video icon.
Photo with ribbon and options

Sharing Your Photo

Tap the Sharing icon. Your sharing options are displayed. Your options may be different. Dropbox, OneDrive and Drive are excellent file sharing options HP Print Service and CCloudprint allow printing to your printer Alternatively, you can email your photo
Photo Preview showing ribbon and options (Click to enlarge)
Ribbon of Photo Tiles Options inc Sharing
Camera Screen with Option Bars (Click to enlarge)