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Google Apps

If you are using an Android device Google Apps make a lot of sense starting with Drive which gives you 15GB storage for free (does have ads). You can set your device(s) to auto backup to Drive. gMail is a very useful and very popular email client. Even if you do not have an Android device Google Apps does work nicely in Windows including Windows 10. A Google account with Google Apps installed on you desktop computer and mobile device allows easy access from all your devices. A lot of Google Apps are free, funded by advertisements. They are not invasive but are highly targetted to you. Google monitors the sites you visit and the transactions you make. If this is not to your liking keep right away from Google, especially their search engine. gMail: A very good email client. Contacts Keep track of your contacts and create distribution lists (groups) Calendar Maintain appointments and view them by day, week, month or in Agenda list. Multiple calendars may be displayed including Australian Holidays and shared calendars of friends or business associates. Google Docs: A word processor but not going to challenge Microsoft Word. For day-to-day use it will be satisfactory. Does include some templates, styles and tables. Sheets: A spreadsheet app. Again, not as powerful as Excel but sufficient for general use. Slides: Use this to prepare presentations Photos Upload your photos, organise, edit, crop and rotate, create albums and collages and share them.
Google Apps
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