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Calendar is Googles equivalent of Outlook, but it may be considered less powerful than Outlook but certainly should meet most personal requirements. Google Calendar, like most things Google, is stored online making it available for all devices, but requiring a Google Account. It can be used to access all your Calendars and any Calendars shared with you. You can select a View for a day, week month, 7 or 5 days or as an agenda. As it is accessed via your browser it is available for any platform supporting a browser, including Android, Windows, Linux and Apple. It can be easily embedded on web pages and is very useful for blog pages or sites.
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

Create Appointment

When you click Create the Quick Add dialog is displayed for you to enter the Appointment. After you enter the topic and click Add button the appointment Edit form is displayed. Adjust the dates and times and any other details you require. If you select All Day the time boxes are removed. You can also set an appointment to repeat either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. allocate the appointment to a different Calendar invites one or more guests (an email is sent). You can monitor your guest list. allocate a special colour for the event add attachment(s) get notifications at a pre-appointed time

Additional Calendars

In the My Calendars list (at right) only the Dillon Benalla calendar is activated. Calendars for other accounts (FoBL and Redb4 are de-activated). Birthdays and Reminders are also turned off. Each Calendar can be assigned different colours so that they can be differentiated when turned on simultaneously.
Note colour coding when FoBL is turned on. Appointment Calendar