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Google Contacts is Google's contact management tool that is available in its free email service Gmail, as a standalone service, and as a part of Google's business-oriented suite of web apps Google Apps. Optional sorting of contacts into groups and arrangement by first or last name. Contacts can be allocated to groups. Extensive search function. Changes to contacts are automatically saved. Ability to restore the entire database from a time within the last 30 days. Easily find and merge duplicates. Keyboard shortcuts for simplified handling. Integration with other Google products
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

Create Contact

Click the bog red Add Contact button. Click Create The contact is created and the Edit form is displayed. Enter the details Click Save.

Edit Contact

The Contacts are listed in rows, one row per Contact. Click the row of the Contact you want to Edit. Click the Edit (pencil) button.
New Contact
Groups Photo Edit

Star Contact

Starred Contacts are listed at the top of your Contacts list. To Star a Contact open the Edit form and click the Star so that the Star is filled in.

Group Contact

Google Contacts uses a database-like system of filtering for Contacts. All Contacts belong to a base group (All Contacts). Each Contact may be assigned to none of more groups. The Contact at right belongs to the U3A Techs Apple group. To change the Group click the Groups icon. The list of Groups is displayed and you may Add the Contact to another Group by checking the Group Remove the Contact from any Group by unchecking the Group.
Not Starred Edit Contact Current conversations which include selected Contact Included in Groups Contacts