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Google Drive

Drive is your own “hard disk in the sky”. When you install Drive an area is set aside on your hard disk for local storage and you receive 15GB of space in the cloud. Files are synced between the two copies, allowing you to access files even when there is no internet access. Files stored in Drive may be shared and users may collaboratively access documents. You can also embed The 15GB allocated is free but you may purchase additional space. 100GB costs $US2 per month and 1TB costs $US10 per month.
Google Drive
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

Additional Calendars

In the My Calendars list (at right) only the Dillon Benalla calendar is activated. Calendars for other accounts (FoBL and Redb4 are de- activated). Birthdays and Reminders are also turned off. Each Calendar can be assigned different colours so that they can be differentiated when turned on simultaneously.
Google Drive - Online
Google Drive - Local