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Google Email - GMAIL

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail, as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Using POP3 or (more usually on multiple devices) IMAP4 users can send and receive their Gmail using almost any email app. Webmail allows the user access via a browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari...) A good reason to use Gmail is the community-based spam filtering. This appears to work reasonably well and the amount of spam received via Gmail appears to be substantially lower than other services.
Google Email
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others

View Email

When you open Gmail your emails are displayed in rows. To open click anywhere in the row of the item to be read. The mail item is displayed with the header information (Sender & recipient details), The text of the email and any attachments.
Inbox active Email read Email unread

Compose New Email

1. Click SEND to send mail 2. Add file from Dropbox 3. Format Text options (Size, bold, align, indent...) 4. Attach files from your computer 5. Add file from Google Drive 6. Insert photo 7. Insert Link 8. Insert emoticon 9. Discard draft 10. More options (inc Default to Full Screen, Add labels, Plain text, print...)
Attachment Icon The date of receipt of the mail item Star (Click to enable) Reply & other options


Gmail's star system allows you to mark your most important emails so you can easily find them later. By default, starred messages are labeled with a yellow star, but you can add other color and types of stars. Stars display to the left of the sender's name in your inbox.


Clicking the Reply button displays the Reply dialog window which is identical to the Compose window with the same options, except the destination address is pre-filled with the address of the sender of the mail being replied to. You do have the option of adding additional recipients. An elipsis (...) in the dialog allows you to display the Trimmed Content (the text of the original email), allowing you to remove it or reduce the information in it.


To find an email type the text you want to find into the search bar. For more options on searching click the down arrow at the right end of the Search box.


At the bottom right of the window is a button to take you to Inbox. This is a new version of gmail.
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