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New Email

To create a new mail item click the big red button at bottom right of the form. As you move the mouse over the button more options pop up. These may vary depending on what accounts you have. Click the Compose button.
Send Google Email
Smart Devices: TVs, Phones, Tablets and Others


CC = Carbon Copy BCC = Blind Carbon Copy Addresses in the TO and CC areas are displayed to all recipients. Addresses in the BCC are withheld from recipients; however, Multiple Recipients may be displayed, advising all recipients that there are other undisplayed recipients.. For privacy you should not display adresses to people who do not know each other. When sending an email to multiple recipients only addresses of people whom you could reasonably expect to know each other should be placed in to TO or CC areas.

Compose Email

As you type into the TO/CC/BCC areas any Contacts you already have matching the typed letters are listed. Click the one you require or continue typing. Gmail will resolve the address and place it in a box with a cross at the right end. You may then add another address or move to the FROM area. The FROM area will have an address already in it. Which account is displayed will depend on whether you have multiple accounts and which of those accounts you selected from the options when clicking the COMPOSE. (See above, alternative accounts). Enter a brief Subject, the fewer words the better. Click on the words Say something and type your message. NOTE: There is a limit on the number of recipients before Google considers your mail spam.
CC and BCC
Alternative accounts


You may attach none or more items. However, consider Google (and Microsoft) has a limit of 25MB on all attachments but, in practice, the limit is lower. Carriers along the message chain may have lower limits. The general limit is about 10MB (eg Telstra/Bigpond) but some providers have 4MB Your recipient as s/he may have restricted download limits eg a plan with a monthly limit of 500MB. The format of your attachment. Will the recipient be able to open it. Google servers do scan your email and attachments for the possibility of spam. Subject matter in the attachments. Consider privacy, vilification and bullying connotations. What you consider inoffensive may be offensive to your recipient(s). This also applies to your message. Workplace requirements if the mail is sent from your workplace or on behalf of an organisation.